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About3 Learning is dedicated to providing books and eResources from publishers worldwide. For over 50 years, as a proud Australian owned and operated organization, About3 Learning has been a trusted provider to libraries, academic institutions, government departments & agencies and businesses across Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.

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The rise of DA is a classic migrant success story of a family who started a new life in a country distant from their homeland and made good. Willem Krins borrowed a builder's wheelbarrow to collect his first consignment of Dutch books from the Ocean Grove Post Office.


The rise of DA is a classic migrant success story of a family who started a new life in a country distant from their homeland and made good. Willem Krins had borrowed a builder's wheelbarrow to collect his first consignment of Dutch books from the Ocean Grove Post Office. With his son, he trundled back to the family's home.


The Dutch Australian Book Depot was established by Willem and Johanna Krins.

1952 to 1976

During this period the Dutch Australia Book Depot employs most of the Krins family and outgrows several offices until they establish a permanent site.


The Dutch Australia Book Depot commenced supplying specialist books to libraries Australia-wide and later moving into the New Zealand market.


Sees the launch of the journal subscription service. The company now supplies books and journals to its customer base. The list of international publishers continued to grow.


Computerisation arrives at the D.A. Book Depot with the installation of a PRIME in-house computer.


Beacon Hill Books, a division of the D.A. Book Depot was established. Beacon Hill Books serviced all who had an interest in Theology and Theological education.


Peter Krins set up the Promotions Department. Each month new book and journal announcements are mailed all over Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea to keep customers informed of forthcoming publications in their specific field of interest. This service was later to be known as the New Title Alert Service (NTAS)


The Krins family purchase a permanent site in Station Street Mitcham Vic and the company name shortened to D.A. Book Depot Pty Ltd. The company now started refining its distribution arrangements and became more active in communicating with overseas publishers in sciences, technology and medicine.


During the early eighties the business continues to grow and now sees over 25 staff servicing the needs of booksellers, libraries, academics, scientists, industry and commerce all over Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.


Three of the four Krins brothers leave the company and were replaced by two new partners who had each worked with the business for many years. Nick Krins becomes the managing director of the firm, which now employed 56 staff and acted as exclusive Australian agent for 58 international publishers. The family business which literally began in a wheelbarrow becomes the region's major supplier of books and journals in nearly 400 scientific, technical and medical fields, servicing customers in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.


The company becomes one of the first library suppliers to provide CD-ROM products to customers through its newly formed electronic media business. The company changes its name to DA Book & Journals and continues to operate together with its other divisions, Beacon Hill Books and the newly formed C.D. ROM & Associates.


The company comes to realise that it has outgrown the premises it occupied since 1976 and purchases a new building in Whitehorse Road Mitcham Vic.


The 2000's saw further changes at DA with Y2K bug resulted in the need to develop new computer software, the introduction of a new PRIME computer system, new in-house software package DA Client, new websites for both, the academic community and resellers plus upgrades to DA's on-line service DA Direct. All software was developed in-house.

The company enjoyed renewed growth throughout this period, now employing over 100 staff and winning several consortia tenders.

DA celebrated its 50th anniversary on 28 June 2001, and several events were held throughout the year to commemorate this milestone achievement!


The 1990s saw a period of consolidation and growth as DA developed its range of products and services to become an innovative major information provider. This resulted in the company changing its name yet again to DA Information Services Pty Ltd.


DA Books opens their new building in Mitcham on 1 August with The Hon Barry Jones (an Australian polymath, writer, teacher, lawyer, social activist, quiz champion and former politician) cutting the ribbon to declare the building open for business.


The three directors decided it was time to leave the industry in pursuit of other interests, so DA Information Services was sold to six private investors.


The company further expanded its reach during this period, with the introduction of several new services including:

The creation of a new export division of the company - DA Asia Pte Ltd servicing the needs of customers for print books into Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

The importation of Book printing technology.
The sale of single title eBooks.
Local warehouse buying tours.
Long tail supplier for Angus & Robertson retail outlets


During 2013 DA Information Services was sold to The Coop under the branding Coinfo Pty Ltd to become The Coop's Professional Services Team. The business relocated to its new home in Vermont Victoria and new GM was appointed in 2016.


Coinfo's Subscription Services business was sold in 2016


In April the business was sold and is now headed up by our new CEO Peter Knock and new investment group with a further name change to About3 Learning in honour of its heritage.


In November, The Coop sold Coinfo to a private individual. Despite 2020 and 2021 being very difficult years with 'work from orders' in Victoria the business continued to provide a full service to its customers and once again outgrows its facility and is forced to relocate to a larger facility one street away in Scoresby


Coinfo had now outgrown its home in Vermont and a decision was made to relocate the business to a much larger facility in Scoresby.


  • Local, Australian owned and operated
  • Over 50 years of knowledge and experience
  • Outcome driven and solution focused
  • Partner with publishers worldwide
  • Your specialist in securing out of print and hard to find titles
  • Run air freight services (ex. USA & UK) giving us speed to market
  • Invoice in AUD or foreign currency
  • Respond to your queries during business hours (AEST)


To be the first-choice partner in the supply of books and eResources from publishers worldwide, to the professional, educational and library markets.

We will achieve this by understanding our customers' needs and delivering real value through exceptional service and maintaining outstanding supplier relationships.


To build a profitable and growing business resulting from:

  • Customer first focus
  • Solution and opportunity driven
  • Great people, unsurpassed experience and knowledge in a motivated working environment

Our vision and understanding of how our business will develop is shaped by our integrity, motivation, inspiration and adaptability. Aligned with our values we will continually learn and evolve, enabling us to service our existing and new customers across Australia, New Zealand and Oceania into the future.


Our values are the foundation of our relationships with each other and our customers.


After 50 years we are still a proud Australian owned and operated organization.


Honesty, transparency, humility, respect, responsibility, compassion...may be just a list of words however they are the heartbeat of who we are and provide direction in all that we do.


Our success today and potential tomorrow is realized through our people via their enthusiasm, knowledge, industry experience and ongoing commitment to further development.

Solution driven

Be brave, look for new opportunities and efficient outcomes that will deliver a positive change.


Delivering on promises to each other and our customers

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