Stress Control: Stress-Busting Strategies For The 21st Century
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Many books have tackled the subject of stress. Some are heavy, academic and encumbered with scientific jargon. Others maintain a lighter, rather superficial approach. This book is a happy blend of the best of both styles. Stress Control combines the necessary medical information (such as physiological facts about the effects of stress on our bodily systems) with a contemporary snapshot on todays society, an analysis of what is happening to humankind now that we are well into the twenty first century.

Previously stress was seen as a condition that only afflicted certain people and in certain extreme situations. But we now understand that stress is a component part of being human, and it affects all of us in some way. In this book Susan Balfour takes a fresh, contemporary look at the dilemmas we face in todays society. She proposes alternative ways of approaching and thinking about life and its challenges, and suggests solutions from ancient classical wisdom which can be applied to modern problems. She offers assistance in carrying out an audit of your life on many levels, to help discover what is weighing you down and holding you back, and makes the comparison with what is truly helpful and supportive in your life plan.

This book acts as a guide book, a reference book, and a supportive, inspirational companion to help control the stresses of life.





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Stress Control: Stress-Busting Strategies For The 21st Century
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