Immunology : Essential and Fundamental
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Immunology is the study of all aspects of the host defence against infection challenge, including the adverse consequences of such defence mechanisms. It is a broad ranging discipline that touches almost all aspects of human health and well-being. 'Immunology: Essential and Fundamental 3E' is the new edition of a text that teaches the ideas and concepts of immunology as well as the facts and the detail. It encourages students to question the obvious and explore the implications of the material they learn. This new edition is now in full colour throughout, and maintains its pedagogic impact: sidebars present real-life applications, clinical uses or research material for the interested reader; metaphors and song lyrics link the content to popular culture and daily life, thus enabling the student to think beyond the course parameters and about the overall importance of immunology; and the wide margins, boxes, tables and diagrams ensure that the format is attractive and easy to read. For the first time 'Immunology: Essential and Fundamental 3E' will have a companion website to offer additional information and to enhance the understanding of the subject. The reader of this book will appreciate the knowledge gained from it, and also the pleasure enjoyed whilst doing the reading.




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Immunology : Essential and Fundamental
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